We’ve Moved!

Hello lovely friends and followers of Mundo Exchange. Important announcement.... OUR BLOG HAS MOVED! We have merged our blog page with our website, so now all our good stuff is in one easy to find place. Head on over to our website and navigate to the blog, or just click below to head straight to our... Continue Reading →

Measles Outbreak in Thailand

We cannot stress enough the importance of being properly vaccinated! As international travelers we have both the capacity and responsibility to not only protect ourselves but also others from unnecessary exposure to diseases. Since around November of 2018 reported cases of measles has increased, even more dramatically at the start of this year and is... Continue Reading →

Monsoon Season Is Coming! We here at Mundo have been busy preparing the house for rainy season and searching out people in the community who may need help staying dry this season!    

Student Seeks to Defend Local Rights With Law and the Internet

Mateo Caba says his hometown of Chajul does not have a single attorney, which allows outside interests to trample people’s rights. He cites the example of a hydroelectric project that is under construction not far from the town. Although Chajul desperately needs an alternative to firewood, which degrades air quality and is causing deforestation of... Continue Reading →

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